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— Cheryl Forziati


The Mystery of the WordPress Missing Tool bar Solved!

WordPress can be a blessing and a curse. Especially for someone who is new to WordPress it can scare the bejeezus out of you when things go wrong.

Two Resources for finding vector brand logos

From time to time you might find yourself in need of getting a vector art of another companies logo.

Visme.co – This Online tool helps non-designers transform ideas into engaging designs

I recently discovered a great online tool that would be helpful to anyone who needs to create graphics but might be “design challenged”.

Easy Photoshop Silhouette Trick for Placing an Image on a color background

Here’s an easy way to create a silhouette effect without using the “cut” tool in photoshop.

Change your WordPress site links easily with this plugin

I just launched a site for a client and they decided to use their own hosting company which I was more than happy to work with.

7 Great Tips For Finding a Freelance Designer For Your Project

Hiring a freelancer can be an intimidating venture for anyone who owns a small business or for anyone looking to partner up on a project.

Quickly find what theme any WordPress Website is using with this Browser Tool

If you use Google Chrome – There are a ton of free extensions that you can install for free and can be really helpful for many different things.

How to Use Google to Find Transparent Images with a little known tool

Did you know there is a little-known button in google images that you don’t know exists!

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