A Reminder to Why the Right Host for WordPress is Critical

There are so many choices out there for hosting these days. Most are incredibly affordable, but did you know that choosing the wrong host can cost you?

Recently, I worked with a client that was using their own hosting. Not a problem. Lots of clients have their preferences for hosting. I am more than willing to work with just about any host a client has (well, except godaddy hosting — Which sucks but that’s another story for another day…).

However, I always knew there was a difference, but with this particular host, I got to see an extraordinary difference. It was stunning.

I always run my sites through https://tools.pingdom.com to see if there are any improvements we can make to help boost the sites performance. No one likes a slow website.

The report I received after running it through pingdom is below. Overall a great grade – an A. And the load time was pretty decent at 2.61 seconds. The one area that you will always find Pingdom wants you to improve is Browser Caching – That seems to be a constant across the board on their tests.

However, I was actually stunned after I loaded the site on the new server and ran it through Pingdom.

The grade was like a slap in the face! 74!?!!! WHAT? And the load time was even worse – 10.7 Seconds…. I think I could make a cup of coffee in that time.

What’s the friggin difference?

Well, the ONLY difference was HOSTING.

YES HOSTING!!!! All the same plugins, tools, security etc.

So word to the wise, always use a host that is WordPress friendly.

Below are my favorite hosts that I not only use but highly recommend.

A2 Hosting – Fast reliable website hosting that is WordPress friendly

Hostmonster – Good Hosting – their support has always been good for me

BlueHost – Good Hosting – their support has always been good for me


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