Add A Twitter Feed To Your WordPress Website

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I had a question the other day from someone looking to add their twitter feed to their WordPress Website.
First you want to go to your twitter account and log in to the account that you want to show on your site.

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Then go to your settings (under your photo under the right section) and scroll down on the left and select “widgets”.

create-new-widget-in-twitterSecond, you will need to “create new”.  ad-twitter-feed-to-your-wordpress-website

Then make sure that the left side options are what you desire. Make sure to select “Save Changes” and then to the right of the save button you can copy the code that twitter has generated for you.twitter-widget-settings
Now that you have to code copied you can go back to your website and paste the code where you need. If you are using WordPress and want to place it in a widget, go to your widget area and bring in a “TEXT” section under where you’d like to place it and paste the copied code into the box. Make sure to save the widget before exiting the page.  Double check your target page and your twitter feed should be showing.




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