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Migrating a WordPress Site could not be easier!

Moving a WordPress site from one host to another can be a royal pain in the tush. There are several tools that I have used in the past to migrate a WordPress website. Here are my favorites. ManageWP.com – There are so many good things about Managewp. It allows you to manage multiple websites in…

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A Reminder to Why the Right Host for WordPress is Critical

There are so many choices out there for hosting these days. Most are incredibly affordable, but did you know that choosing the wrong host can cost you? Recently, I worked with a client that was using their own hosting. Not a problem. Lots of clients have their preferences for hosting. I am more than willing…

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Add a Custom Font to Your Website

As a designer, Fonts are the bones of your design project and are the foundation of your brand identity. Pick the right fonts, and you look like a million bucks  Sharp. Expressive. Smart. Fonts can instantly portray who and what you are. Pick the wrong ones and well, you give a less than desirable impression. The…

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