Awesome Responsive WordPress Class Timetable

If you have ever needed a plugin to show a class schedule there is a great Responsive WordPress timetable that works well and is fully responsive.

Some great examples of where you could use this would be for anyone that offers classes of any kind. Some example of businesses in need of a timetable would be gyms, dance studios, karate dojos, colleges, art classes, nightclubs, and more! )- They all need the flexibility of having a timetable to show when their classes are.

Below is a live sample of what you can do with this plugin. The best part is it’s only $19.  They have also included a guide to using and customizing the shortcodes for your tables.

widget-upcoming-events-responsive-wordpress-timetableIt offers a flexible layout with sorting options and also it has a widget to display upcoming classes that would come in handy for someone who is looking to sell classes through a system like Jackrabbit or Mondbody.


One of the nice features is it has an option to show in a widget upcoming events. So for instance, if you would like, you can show on a site for a gym the next upcoming class in a widget.


Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress

[tt_timetable event=’spinning-class,aerobic,gymnastics-7-year-olds,gymnastics,spinning-1,karate’ columns=’monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday,sunday’ filter_style=’tabs’ time_format=’g.i a’ hide_hours_column=’1′ event_layout=’3′ box_bg_color=’ffffff’ hide_empty=’1′ text_align=’left’]

Only show a few days

[tt_timetable event=’gymnastics-7-year-olds,gymnastics’ columns=’monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday’ filter_style=’tabs’ time_format=’g.i a’ hide_hours_column=’1′ event_layout=’3′  hide_empty=’1′ text_align=’left’]

Show the events with a timetable on the left and a large dropdown box for sorting.
[tt_timetable event=’spinning-class,aerobic,gymnastics-7-year-olds,gymnastics,spinning-1,karate’ show_end_hour=’1′ event_layout=’3′ box_bg_color=’3156A3′ box_hover_bg_color=’42B3E5′ box_hours_txt_color=’A6C3FF’ filter_color=’3156A3′ text_align=’left’ font_custom=’Arial’ font_size=’11’]


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