Can a Tomato Make You More Productive in Your Work Day?

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The short answer is YES! If you have ever struggled with getting things done or possibly never getting started there’s a technique that can help you focus and get more done during the day.

pomodoro-techniqueIt’s called the Pomodoro Technique. It requires a timer and there are lots of helpful apps out there on the web. If you are a Mac user I like and use this app called “Pomodoro Timer.” It’s only $2.99 but there are several out there (especially for an iPhone or other devices) that are free or have “light” version that you can use.

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The premise is simple.

  1. Create a list of tasks. I would start with no more than five tasks for the day and prioritize them from most important to least important.
  2. Start with your #1 task on your list.
  3. Set the timer (It’s recommended to start with 50minutes), or if you prefer, you can customize this to 30 min or whatever timeline you prefer.
  4. Start the timer
  5. Spend the entire period focusing on your task. For instance, your task could be “finding three subjects to blog about”. Make sure you stay ON-TASK. Do not let emails distract you or phone calls etc. If a pressing thought pops into your head jot it down quickly on a notepad to revisit later but do not dwell on it. Make sure you get back to focusing on your task.
  6. Once the time goes off, you need to take a 5-minute break. That means get up, walk away from your computer. The breaks are essential to help you get ready for your next “block” of time. Here are some recommendations if you can’t come up with ideas of your own to do on your break.
  7. Once the timer goes off again letting you know your break is over, tackle task #2 on your list if you have completed Task #1. If you have not completed the first task, use this second segment to complete the task.

IF you continue your day using this method, you will find that you actually will get more done. The key is having focused time on any one task. We live in a society that gives us the illusion that we can “multi-task.” Really what it’s doing to use is creating lots and lots of folks with ADD and the ability to get nothing done.

And that’s how a tomato can help you be more productive. 😉



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