Easily Insert a Widget(or Two) using a ShortCode on a Page or Post

There are so many cool widgets in the WordPress repository. Have you ever wanted to use those cool widgets in your pages or posts?

There’s a plugin that lets you do just this. It’s called “AMR Shortcode any Widget.” To use any of your widgets in a post or page first install this into your WordPress website.

arm-add-any-widget-shortcodeOnce you install and activate the plugin, you will see in your widgets area, a new section that says “Widgets for Shortcodes.” You then can add any widget you’d like to make into a shortcode here. Drag and drop the widget – In this case, I am using a plugin that tells the viewer their weather that is based on their IP address location. And make sure to hit “save.” After you save the widget, it will display a shortcode. It will look like this


Simply cut and paste this code into any page or post and Voila! Your Widget is now showing like below. Rinse and repeat for any other widgets you’d like to use in a post or page! Enjoy!


Widget not in any sidebars




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