Edit Multiple Pages and Post With Bulk Edit

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Have you ever needed to change a template on your WordPress site but needed to change it on all of your pages? Going through each of the pages to change the template can be tedious and a major pain in the butt. There’s an easier way to change all the templates in one or two steps.

Here’s how you do it!

Go to your post or page section of your WordPress Site. change-post-1

After making your selection, go to the top and select “edit’ from the dropdown and click on “Apply”
Then You can make changes — If you are in the Pages you will have options to change Author, Parent, Template and Status — Once you are done make sure to select update.multiple-page-updates

If you are in the posts you can quickly change author, status, Tags and categories easily.change-posts

This is a handy tip to help quickly update your posts or pages.


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