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Many designers are great at design but we have a tendency to – well – the truth is we tend to suck at grammar. We can have what’s known as “designer brain”. Now there’s a tool that can help us mere mortals correct this!

The folks at Grammarly have created this great plugin that helps you not only with spelling corrections while you type in your browser window — It also looks at your grammar. It will help make suggestions — and it will help with those pesky question of “Do I need a comma before an “AND” or not.”

It’s a free plugin that you can find at Google Chrome store or their site – but what’s even better is they also have an app that works for OSX. So it takes the same experience you get online to your desktop!

The best part is they have a free plan that works great! And if desire a higher level of Grammarly support you can choose from their wide variety of plans at Grammarly.
Happy Grammaring…..


Cheryl is an award-winning designer that assists companies get to the next level through marketing design for print, digital and web. She can be found at http://www.forziatidesign.com


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