Great Alternatives to Photoshop

I had a question recently from a business owner that wanted to do some graphics work but they were wondering if they needed to purchase a tool like Photoshop.

While Photoshop is a great tool for designers, it’s less than user-friendly to someone who is not a graphic designer. It’s sort of like sitting in the pilot’s seat of a 747 and being expected to be able to land and take the plane off without having any training.

There are great tools that are comparable to photoshop but a little easier for users. Here are my favorites



Canva is a lightweight program that is web based and usable on either a mac or a PC. To get an account, it’s free, and you can do a lot with a free account. It lets you pick from pre-made layouts that are free or if you want you can choose images and layouts for $1 each that can save you the time and hassle of designing something from scratch. Canva will not let you retouch your photos, but they have some filters and effects that you can quickly add.


This is a free tool that is somewhat similar in a lot of ways to photoshop.


Pixlr Express – This is a free web based photo editor that allows you to apply overlays, filters and things like stickers quickly and easily.


Pixlr Editor — Is a much more powerful photo editor which has a lot of the features Photoshop does. Because it’s online sometimes, it can be a little clunky to work with.


Pixlr O-Matic — is also available as a download, on Facebook, as a Chrome web app and for your iOS or Android device. It allows you to upload an image or import and image and allows you to apply filters like borders, overlays, etc.


Pixlr Touch Up – it works in Chrome as an offline photo editor. It allows for a lot of the same features such as Tuch up, clone, crop, resize, rotate, adjusts color, add effects and more.

visme.co – This is a great tool for non-designers looking for templated designs made easy. You can easily modify presentations, social media designs, and your own custom designs. Animation is a snap using this tool and they have an awesome export option for subscribers and can get you up and running in no time.

Check out our tip on using Visme.co here


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