How to Use Google to Find Transparent Images with a little known tool

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Did you know there is a little-known button in google images that you probably didn’t know about? It can be incredibly helpful when you are looking only to find transparent images.

Go to images.google.com and type in whatever search term you want like “starbucks logo”. As you can see you get a return of a lot of logos. Probably a few pages worth. You’ll notice at the top right below the search bar you will see a toolbar that looks like the below image.

However, you probably have never noticed the button over on the right labeled “Tools”. If you click this button it will reveal another layer of links that look like the image below that include items like “Size”, “Color”, Type etc. These additional tools let you filter your search results depending upon what you are looking for.

 when you select the “color” tab, you will see a pulldown list. Simply select “TRANSPARENT” to only show the images that have a transparent background.

And Voilá! You only are viewing the transparent images now in your search.

One quick way to tell if an image is transparent, if you click on any of the images in your google search window, you’ll see a grid around the image.


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