ManageWp Launches new site

Manage WP is an instrumental tool for  managing websites in WordPress. It keeps all of your sites all in one location.

Any web designer that manages more than one site needs to know about ManageWP. You can easily start with a free account and their new pricing model is really affordable for any budget conscious webmaster, business owner or blogger. It allows you to easily monitor and update, backup sites, manage seo and more all in one dashboard.

ManageWP recently launched their new version Orion.

If you are coming from a previous managewp account there will be a slight adjustment in the new user interface. However, once you get up to speed on the new site you’ll be glad you did.

The key features are:

Backup – They now have their own server that allows you to backup daily. You can also back up to an offsite location as well such as dropbox or google drive. It’s always a good idea to have more than one backup location. You never want to be in a situation where you really need another backup but don’t have it available to you.

Uptime Monitoring – Turing this feature on allows you to make sure your sites are always up.

SEO Ranging – You can monitor a total of 3 keywords over 17 sites!

Analytics – They have integrated google analytics which allows you to see in one dashboard how your site’s performing.

Have a site that is still managing comments? I know there’s a few out there still. ManageWP lts you see, approval or delete from the dashboard saving you valuable time.

Of course they also allow you to update your plugins with one click as well as optimize your WordPress database and post revisions to keep that website running smoothly.

If you have not used them in the past you need to check them out at managewp.com. You’ll be glad you did.



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