Quickly find what theme any WordPress Website is using with this Browser Tool

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If you use Google Chrome – There are a ton of free extensions that you can install for free and can be really helpful for many different things.

If you have ever wondered what theme a competitor or a website was using, you can easily install this tool and find out in seconds. It’s called “ThemeSniffer” and it’s made by a company called PenguinWP (They offer WordPress hosting, plugins and Themes and have a very helpful blog to boot).

After you install it you will see an icon appear in your browser toolbar and the icon looks like a little nose.

Simply click on the nose icon, and a window will pop up that will tell you what theme the site is using or what the name of the custom theme is. If you click on the Green button — in this case it’s “designboom” it will take you to a google search to find that theme in case you wanted to find it and purchase it.


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