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If you have a blog or business news section, you might find that you have content that would be considered “evergreen.”

What is EVERGREEN content you ask? 

Well, it’s content that isn’t dated and has good solid valuable content for any of your audience. It’s Content that can stand the test of time and something someone would find valuable now as well as in six months from now.

Social media’s a great place to push out your content but the attention span of an average tweet according to Moz,  is a mere 18 minutes! – But personally, I feel it’s more like 5 minutes. People don’t scroll past a few screens of their twitter feeds and if they are following a lot of folks, well, that time of viewing opportunity greatly diminishes.

Here’s where a GREAT tool comes into play. It’s called TweetJukebox

Tweetjukebox was created by Tim Fargo because he saw a huge pain in social media management. Scheduling tweets can suck up a huge amount of time. His tool has made this problem virtually disappear!

You can log in using your twitter account. (There’s a nice free demo account that can work nicely if you only have one twitter account to manage) And you then can set up your own set of “juke boxes”. Each Juke Box allows you to put in your tweet and links and images or they even allow you to import tweets (with a paid subscription – not in the free account – see pricing below).


Then you should set up a schedule of when you want your tweets to run. After you have picked a schedule, make sure to turn on the Jukebox and the MAGIC BEGINS!

I like to think of this jukebox as your own personal assistant that is managing to push out your greatest content over and over again different times of day on different days allowing you to reach different audiences. Brilliant!

The only downside is it’s only for Twitter right now, but I’m not sure if it would be of any value to push out duplicate content in other channels like facebook or Instagram. Other social channels tend to be a little slower in their content and users are more likely to peruse content there if they find someone or something that interest them.

——–(EDIT — When I wrote this I was unaware of Tim’s new product called socialjukebox.com – We’ll check it out and give a review of it soon! But feel free to check it out on your own)————

The other advantage of TweetJukebox is it a good deal if you are an “advanced” user compared to other products I have seen out there that have a similar functionality. And it’s always recommended to get the year deal and save even more ($36 annually).

Now get your evergreen tweets up and running so you can focus on getting more business deals done!


Cheryl is an award-winning designer that assists companies get to the next level through marketing design for print, digital and web. She can be found at http://www.forziatidesign.com


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