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I recently discovered a great online tool that would be helpful to anyone who needs to create graphics but might be “design challenged”.

The tools name is visme and can be found at Visme.co.

Visme lets you easily create presentations, social media post graphics, online advertising and infographics easily with their pre-made templates. These templates allow you to get up and running quickly on the design and lets you focus more on your content than the design.

Presentations are even easier using Visme because they allow you to pick from premade content templates that enable you to focus on your content instead of stressing over the graphics.

Looking to add animation to give your presentation a little extra pop?

They make it easy. Just simply select the element you would like to animate then at the top click the text “Animate” and select what effect you are looking for. Then you can quickly preview your animation and modify any changes easily.

Check out their templates here http://blog.visme.co/visme-new-presentation-templates/

I just read an interesting fact off of the Visme Blog:

90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual.
80% people remember what they see but only 20% of what they read.

Infographics and content with images resonate further with audiences than ones that do not have them.

Creating graphics for infographics can be particularly time-consuming especially for non-designers. Visme has quite a few templates to choose from to get you going in seconds and they have a huge selection in just about any category you can imagine.

Simply select the infographic template that fits your message then you can easily customize color and text.

Need the artboard to be larger? They make it easy. Just grab the bar at the bottom and drag it to enlarge or shrink your artboard to your desired size. The best part is you no longer have to guess the correct amount of space you’ll need.

Keeping track of all the sizes, you need for social media can be a pain and can be extremely time-consuming.

Visme solves this by letting you focus on where you want to post your image and gives you selections for the sizes provided on the social platform you are using.

There are multiple sizes for any social media platform that you are looking for. Just select the platform, and you’ll be given options and sizes to choose from. The same goes for creating online ads.

One you select your platform you can choose from their pre-made templates or use your own. They have a decent library of images and graphic to choose from that are including with your membership.

Learn how to optimize your images for the web here

Or you can just upload your images from any graphic resources you have. Just be sure to check the usage rights on any images you are using.


  • •This is a great tool for someone who is not a designer but wants great looking results.
  • Their large selection of templates is really the magic here and they are adding to their selection daily.
  • You can create eye-popping graphics and animations easily
  • You can easily organize your projects and share with team members
  • They make infographics easy to create and manage
  • Great options for exporting your creations
  • Awesome templates for content. Makes making presentations quick and easy
  • The animated Data for charts is easy to use and change and looks great
  • They are rolling out new template designs often to keep things fresh
  • The user interface feels pretty intuitive to newbies
  • Integrate video and audio quickly and easily
  • Your content is stored in the cloud and can easily be accessed from any computer, anywhere, anytime.


  • They are a bit on the expensive side for the pro account compared to some other tools out there that have similar features
  • Their library can be a bit weak especially in the text layout section
  • The templates would work better if you could change your colors globally, so you don’t manually have to change them.

Currently,Visme has Three Membership Types:

  1. Free – $0 – very limited options but good for a do it yourself-er
  2. Standard (for individual users) ($15/Month) or Yearly ($120/year
  3. Complete (Business and team members) – All premium features
    $28/month or Yearly ($228/year )

If you’re a non-designer, running social media, or just want to mix up your site graphics, Visme is a great tool to check out.


Cheryl is an award-winning designer that assists companies get to the next level through marketing design for print, digital and web. She can be found at http://www.forziatidesign.com


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