Use Google image search for finding existing photo quickly and easily

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Google Images is great for so many different things but one of the things that I use it for is locating images to purchase.

For this example, I found this cute picture of a dog. I simply can download the image to my desktop or even grab the image link.

Then goto http://images.google.com.

Use the camera icon and they will give you an upload image tab or a paste your image url. Once you choose which method you desire it will automatically start the search or you might ned to select “Search by Image” button if it doesn’t start right away.

You will then get a result of images anyone has used that original image. (You might not find an image that has been manipulated so keep that in mind.) Also, it may take a little digging to find a link to a valid site that you can purchase and gain usage rights to. So keep digging if you don’t find it at first.

Here I have located the link to istockphoto.com – And that’s where you can purchase it from.

It’s easy and a free tool that makes searching for images quick and painless!




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