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Ever try to figure out what your Current WordPress Template is using? It’s not easy.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working with a WordPress child theme and trying to figure out what you current WordPress template page of your theme is using. So you hunt and peck around changing a template like page.php — perhaps putting in something like “test” and saving it and reloading. This can be not only frustrating but annoying and slow.

There’s a great developers tool that you MUST check out called “Show Current Template” — there are quite a few out there that will also show you the theme but this one is simple and clean.


You can download it from the WordPress Repository and install it easily on your WordPress site. Once it’s install you’ll know just by looking at the top of the page (when you are logged in) and know what template that page is using. And Voilá! You know what template to edit. No more guessing.

After it’s installed you will see on the top of the page exactly what template you are using. Just scroll over the top and you will see a dropdown that tells you all of the templates used. It makes it really easy to get to the theme’s template.

Side Note: You never want to modify the parent theme’s templates. If you update your theme, those changes will be lost. Always create a child theme first. Here’s a great resource to get you starting to make child themes.


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