Your Biggest and most frustrating WordPress Problem solved

Ever have this issue? You’re working on your site, perfecting your content or adding a new graphic and you hit the publish button only to find when you go to the page and you’re site has not changed? “What is this” you say? “How can this be?” So you go back to the edit and indeed, you see the changes you made. You check the live site again, and it’s still not updated? Then you decided to check the site on a different computer or on your iphone and there you see the changes made. ARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!

Your first reaction is probably to swear, scream or even want to toss your laptop across the room. Why oh Why did it not update on the live site? Well, there is a little-known fact that your browser is working behind the scenes on each of your sites you visit and creating and storing images in what is called a Cache.

The full definition of Cache according to Wikipedia is “A web cache (or HTTP cache) is an information technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag.”

The idea behind having a cache is actually good. The browser wants to speed up your experience browsing the web and making sure you are getting the data you want quickly. However, it can also cause problems with not displaying the new information or in this case the information you updated on the site is now showing correctly. It still displays the older information.

The best solution is to clear your Cache and then reload the page to see if your changes are updated. 9 times out of 10 this is the culprit. There are several ways to clear your cache but typically it’s in your browser settings under preferences.

togglebuttonIf you are using a Chrome there’s a handy(FREE) plugin that allows you to clear the cache with a switch of a toggle button. It’s called Cache Killer and can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

I love love love this plugin. Simply toggle the “ON” button and reload your page and most of the time your cache problem will be fixed.

Happy Updating!


Cheryl is an award-winning designer that assists companies get to the next level through marketing design for print, digital and web. She can be found at http://www.forziatidesign.com


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